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Name : Jon Imaz -  Fit Coaching

Client : Jon Imaz

Date : 2023

Project type : Logo

I created a logo for Personal Trainer Jonh’s new budding fitness brand. 
Inspired by the aesthetic appeal of the Jordy Wild Podcast logo - The Wild 
Project- which effectively communicates the essence of sports and fitness, Jonh envisioned a round-shaped logo since he wanted to evoke a sense of unity, strength, and holistic well-being, with his name prominently featured. This project aimed to deliver a logo that not only met Jonh’s aesthetic preferences but also effectively conveyed the energy and dedication he brings to his training sessions. The diverse logo options provided him with the flexibility to choose a design that perfectly encapsulates the essence of his fitness brand.

PORTFOLIO -202460.png
PORTFOLIO -202461.png
PORTFOLIO -202462.png
PORTFOLIO -202463.png
PORTFOLIO -202464.png
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