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Name: Sadie Williams

Client: Sadie Williams 

Date: 2021

Project type: Print and  Pattern design 

During my work placement, I had the opportunity to work with Sadie Williams a talented young fashion designer based in London. Sadie graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2013. My main tasks involved assisting Sadie in creating and designing new prints for her collection. I also worked on developing set ideas and retouching promotional photos for her campaign. This work placement provided valuable experience in the fashion industry and allowed me to work with a talented designer. The collection you will see in this portfolio is the ‘mega patch’ collection is made up of pre-owned sweatshirts and tracksuits, which have been embellished with hand-collaged printed patches, created using surplus fabrics. Each unique patch features a ‘quilt’ inspired print design. these prints have been hand-collaged + heat-transfer printed in our studio onto waste lurex fabric (ice blue).

PORTFOLIO -202481.png
PORTFOLIO -202482.png
PORTFOLIO -202483.png
PORTFOLIO -202484.png
PORTFOLIO -202485.png
PORTFOLIO -202486.png
PORTFOLIO -202487.png
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