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Name : The Tattoist 

Client : Personal project

Date : 2022

Project type : Comic - Editorial

Inspired by tattoos’ rich history and archives, I embarked on a passion project to create a comic book that would bring the reader into the world of a tattoo artist and her eclectic clientele. Using black and white illustrations, the comic takes the reader through a day in the life of the tattooer, highlighting the unique characters that come through her doors. The creation of this comic challenged my drawing skills and allowed me to develop my storyboarding capabilities. As a lover of comics and tattoos, this project was a labour of love that allowed me to showcase the artistry and individuality of both mediums.

PORTFOLIO -202473.png
PORTFOLIO -202474.png
PORTFOLIO -202475.png
Untitled_Artwork (1).tiff
PORTFOLIO -202476.png
PORTFOLIO -202477.png
PORTFOLIO -202478.png
PORTFOLIO -202479.png
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