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Name :  Print design

Date : 2023

Project type:  Print- Pattern design

In my latest personal project, I’ve poured my passion for pattern and print design into a collection inspired by my past projects. Embracing my love for creating visually captivating prints, I’ve crafted a series of unique illustrations that showcase my dedication to the art. Each design is a fusion of my diverse experiences, a testament to the seamless integration of my design and illustration skills. 

These personal print illustrations not only represent my artistic expression but also serve as a testament to the beauty and versatility found in pattern design.

PORTFOLIO -2024127.png
Sin título-2ghytrfghujk.png
PORTFOLIO -2024129.png
Sin título-2edrftghgvcde.png
PORTFOLIO -2024131.png
Sin título-2sderftgrfdcvgbtfred.png
PORTFOLIO -2024133.png
Sin título-2fgytrdrcfgfhyhbn.png
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