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Name :  Cable

Client : CNN Create

Date : 2023

Project type : Character design 

I collaborated with Create on a project to create a versatile character avatar, Cable number 1, to represent the company in articles, presentations, and campaigns. My task was to design three distinct versions of Cable for different contexts: Fashion Girly (European), Business Man (Middle Eastern), and Hippy Traveler (American). Using my design skills, I ensured a cohesive look across all versions, blending graphic design elements while capturing cultural nuances. The result is a set of diverse Cable avatars, each tailored to resonate with specific audiences and contexts.

Sin título-2ghjkl.png
PORTFOLIO -2024113.png
Sin título-2fghgfdsxdc.png
Sin título-2fghgfrf.png
Sin título-2fghjuytghui.png
Sin título-2rdce.png
Sin título-2xxxxx.png
Sin título-ghjhgbvfgtg.png
Sin título-2sdrftfdgtrdc.png
Sin título-2dfgtrfd.png
PORTFOLIO -2024123.png
Sin título-2ertredftredc.png
Sin título-2rdtfgyrdesawstfh,.png
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