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Name: Experiencing the global class

Client : Singapore Airlines

Date : 2024

Project type: Infographic illustration

Working in the CNN Create team, I am tasked with creating illustration assets and animations for one of SIA’s websites. The goal is to inform and engage travellers about the upgrades and innovations the company has implemented this year, while also highlighting the distinctions between business class and economy class. As the finishing touch, I am collaborating with a UX designer to develop – a scroll-triggered animated website. Users will seamlessly discover information and animations as they scroll down. Throughout the process, I have presented several style proposals for both the overall illustration and website design. I intend to infuse a unique touch, departing from the typical vector stock illustrations commonly used by many companies. I aimed for a distinctive look by incorporating watercolour hand-painted textures, maintaining a professional appearance without sacrificing uniqueness.

PORTFOLIO -202418.png
PORTFOLIO -202419.png
PORTFOLIO -202420.png
Sin título-2fghujikol.png
PORTFOLIO -202421.png
PORTFOLIO -202422.png
PORTFOLIO -202423.png
PORTFOLIO -202426.png
PORTFOLIO -202427.png
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