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Name: A Day in smart Cities

Client : Tonomous - Neom

Date : 2023

Project type: Infographic illustration

As a designer, I recently undertook an exciting project with Tonomous-Neom in collaboration with CNN to promote their forthcoming city developments, including "The Line." Leveraging my design and illustration skills, I crafted a collection of illustrations seamlessly integrated with Neom's overall branding and colour palette. Each illustration vividly depicts a day in the life of an individual residing in this smart and modern city, from the moment they wake up to when they retire for the night.

Adding a distinctive touch, I carefully selected the Sigi pixel font to complement my work, infusing a technological and pixelated aesthetic into the illustrations. This choice enhances the overall modern and futuristic feel of the project, reinforcing the innovative nature of Neom's upcoming developments. Importantly, my illustrations not only showcase a project that has yet to come to fruition but also offer a unique visual perspective on the future of this groundbreaking development.

PORTFOLIO -202429.png
PORTFOLIO -202430.png
PORTFOLIO -202431.png
PORTFOLIO -202432.png
PORTFOLIO -202433.png
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