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Name :  Hiking Map

Client : CNN 

Date : 2023

Project type : Vector Illustration

I recently worked on a CNN Korea tourism article, creating an illustrative map showcasing Seoul’s hiking routes and campsites. Utilizing my design and illustration skills, I crafted unique icons and experimented with various map styles. Ultimately, we opted for a vector design with textures, imparting a hand-drawn charm to the map. The final result highlights key campsites, nature spots, mountains, and city landmarks, aiming to be both informative and visually engaging for readers exploring Seoul’s outdoor wonders.

Sin título-2uiuyui.png
2022관광안내지도_영문 1 (1).png
2022관광안내지도_영문 (2).png
PORTFOLIO -202498.png
Sin título-2dfghjk.png
PORTFOLIO -2024100.png
PORTFOLIO -2024101.png
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